Southwestern Michigan College - Niles Area Campus

Niles Campus Facility Plan
Existing conditions assessment and design recommendations for the multi-phase renovation of the Niles Campus buildings and site. Schematic design plans were developed along with cost projections to prioritize the upgrades over a six-year period. 

Niles Campus Interior Renovation - Phase I
This 10,120-sf renovation updated the aesthetics and function of the student-faculty commons and student service center and converted underutilized spaces to create a new faculty office area and a flexible SCALE-UP science lab / multipurpose classroom.   

Niles Camps Interior Renovation - Phase II
This 11,690-sf renovation transformed the old entry into a welcoming lobby with common area adjacent to the new conference/community room.  The fitness room was upgraded and new shower rooms added.  The finishes were upgraded throughout all of the corridors. 


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