Landscape Architecture at Arkos Design focuses on connecting people and the environment in meaningful ways.
•  We integrate the built and natural environment through effective evaluation and creative design that is focused on our client’s objectives.
•  Beyond traditional site layout and planting plans, we design to ensure that people move through, use, and experience spaces in the most intuitive and beneficial way.
Solutions are developed that respect and respond to the existing site, thereby also assisting in managing financial and maintenance resources. 


Site Planning and Design
Intuitive placement and organization of site improvements enhance the experience of an outdoor space while responding to existing site features and natural systems.  We lead a spectrum of site project types and services.  

Services include:

•  Site assessment and feasibility studies
•  Programming
•  Site design and documentation, including layout, grading and stormwater management
•  Integration of sustainable and best management practices for low impact design
•  Construction administration and observation 

Project types include:

•  College/University campuses
•  Senior living and healthcare environments
•  Municipal sites, streetscapes and gateways
•  Parks, athletic facilities and trail systems
•  Playgrounds and inspections (CPSI accredited through NRPA)
•  Commercial and urban development
•  Select residential 

Landscape Design
Suitable materials and plants create appealing landscapes that are designed for their specific use and location. Arkos Design draws upon an expansive knowledge of plant material to create beautiful landscapes that remain maintainable and viable over time.
•  Native plant material specification
•  Traditional planting plans and details
•  Landscape assessment
•  Tree preservation plans
•  Site furnishing specification 

Therapeutic Landscapes
Bringing people and nature together creates a more restorative environment. Arkos Design integrates evidence-based design principles to ensure the most healing benefits for residents and patients of senior and health care environments.
•  Physical / occupational outdoor therapy spaces
•  Senior outdoor living environments and gardens
•  Retirement community site planning
•  Healing gardens for acute environments such as hospitals, cancer centers and hospice care.
•  Horticultural therapy spaces 

Our expertise includes achieving a certificate of merit in healthcare garden design from the esteemed Joseph Regenstein Jr. School at the Chicago Botanic Gardens.

For additional information about therapeutic landscapes, please click here.



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Through effective evaluation and thoughtful design, the landscape architects at Arkos Design integrate the built and natural environments with a focus on achieving the client’s objectives.


 enriching lives through purposeful and innovative design